No Matter What Your Pest Problem We Have
The Solution To Eradicate Them Fast

Since 1922 we have been pioneering the most effective, safe and long lasting methods
to control and eradicate pests and rodents in Queensland.
Our team of licensed, insured and highly experienced pest controllers use the very best pest control products and procedures to ensure your health and safety.

All our chemicals are approved and accredited by…

  • Agsafe: Safe for use in the food and farming industries
  • Queensland Health Department: Safe for schools, nursing homes, hospitals, offices,restaurants, etc.
  • Quarantine: Safe for use on imported and exported products

Depending on your pest problem and area to be treated we can provide a custom solution and quote that will eradicate all pests and rodents, whilst maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all inhabitants.

We also offer a 20% discount when you combine our pest control and termite inspection services. And provide a 12-month warranty against cockroach and silverfish infestation.

Our Pest Control Services


Birds can cause major problems around homes and businesses. They often carry fleas, lice, ticks, mites and other biting insects that cause serious health issues and spread common diseases. Bird dropping can corrode building materials and bird attacks can also cause occur when they are not dealt with immediately.

Our experienced bird management specialist will not only remove birds from your property but also ensure they cannot re-enter your home or business, or its surrounding areas.


In 1952 RA Dibbs & Sons pioneered fogging as a pest control treatment in Queensland. Fogging is ideal for use inside residential properties and is recognized worldwide as one of the safest pest control solutions for humans and pets.

General Pest Spray

Ideal for treating large pest infested areas in domestic, commercial and industrial properties, our general pest spray will protect you from cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants and dust mites – all in one easy application.

Rodent Control

If you see rodents such as rats, mice, rabbits or feral cats on your property you must act fast before they begin breeding on your property. These rodents multiply quickly and can cause health problems, phobias and even fires from gnawing on electrical cables.

We provide a full rodent control and management solution to eradicate all rodents from your property and set up a management plan to ensure they never return.


Termites can cause major damage to the structure of your home and business, and in some cases have reduced property value by up to 25% when left untreated.

We provide professional termite inspection and termite control services to help you identify, eradicate and protect your property from termites, with our 12-month protection warranty. Read more about our Termite Control services.